"Tad was my Architect for my new 5000 sf ski-in ski-out home at the Heavenly Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe. In addition to his architect role he was a project consultant who provided guidance in selecting my contractor, communicating with the timber frame company, civil engineers, inspectors, designer, and others. This site was complex which involved a 30% grade, large excavation of granite, retention, water drainage, HOA requirements, site elevation: 7700 ft, snow load, wind and temperature range. The house construction used advanced methods which included SIPs and ICF walls to provide superior insulation, HRV to provide energy efficient external ventilation, cold roof, 4 story elevator, >10 zone radiant floor heating. Tad has a great eye for design and detail. He has a strong technical understanding of building science and is able to innovate on solving complex problems. He is willing to take feedback and modify his architecture details based on my desires. Tad is an excellent communicator and organized weekly meetings to make sure the contractor was on track and provided useful feedback for correct implementation. Of all the people that were involved in the project I trusted Tad's integrity the most. I always knew that Tad had my best interest in mind. Tad was critical in making this building project a success. My family is now very comfortable living at my dream location in my dream home."
~ James Cho | Heavenly, Nevada

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